Coffee Grinder Press

About me.

Update June 2015: I’m not an art teacher anymore.  I make pens full time now.

So my name is Shawn Newton.  I’m from Hot Springs, Arkansas and I’m this printmaking pen making jack of all trades sort of guy.  I do my own electrical, plumbing, and construction.  When every penny counts you learn to do for yourself or you learn to do without.  That’s why I’ve built my own printing press, which you can read about in the link above.  If I need something for my studio and cannot afford it – I make it.  If I cannot make it, I must not need it.  🙂

I’m also a high school art teacher and I LOVE it.  I can’t imagine being happier doing anything else for anybody else.  I’m working for the kids and helping them to learn about the tools and techniques in as many mediums as I can manage to teach in a year so that those who go to college will be ahead of the pack.

I don’t know what else to say about myself… so uhm… if you have any questions, please ask!               Feb 2 2012


2 comments on “Coffee Grinder Press

  1. Ritchy Henson says:

    Just found you and really love the concept. I have been playing with art and hand tools/wood working as a relief from an IT job, and am excited about this as an art form.

    1) are your sketchbooks available in print form?
    2) any recommmendations on information on getting started?

    I am reading on a tablet, which may be the issue, but other than the links in the email, all other links on the site are blank for me, so if my questions are obviously answered on your site, I do apologize. Loved the tool info and the worm sketchbook!

    • newtonpens says:

      Hi! Glad you like my work. Nothing available in print but feel free to print from the site for yourself.
      As for question 2 if you have any more specific questions please ask and I’ll try to help. Most of my helpful info is on the tools page. 🙂

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